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""WHAT!.. thats like using a wheelchair for the hell of it!" - Water me down in your void, drown me with your love and smells of sex [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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""WHAT!.. thats like using a wheelchair for the hell of it!" [Jun. 2nd, 2006|01:52 am]
[Current Location |bed in my room yo]
[mood.. oh do tell young lad:) |tiredtired]
[music you frigger! |Mos def]

class til june 15th

still here.. I feel Im slowly fading from people back home: /

its prob cause of the distance Im guessing
I agree with Ian. its been hot as crocth
miss having someone
daves a blah, broken promises.. and possiblites but uhhh yeah.... you know how some people want to make you punch babies.. lol..
Still sick,
Cant drink
stupid pills
mom expects me to make money this summer, but I dont know how to this possibly seeming i have to come home alot this summer for certain events and taking care of affairs with her before she leaves, dont get me wrong, I dont mind coming home but I cant make money when I do.. does't balance out, home for a week 10-15 of july to babysit our cats, she goes to texas to train
knuckles stil arne't healed
cant wait for class to end, cause that means time in studio
the brushes got done what they were supposed to do in the gojo:)
Wacthing center stage:)
Going to miss Ernest..even though I dont talk to him much, when we do it feels like weve talked every day..his old school black river:)
Love this song.. Dance..
People will surprise the hell out of you
work an ice cream socail tommaorw
and one last thing.. I was driving to Maxfeilds tonight and I glaced in the sky, and in pure amazement/ surprisment ( if thats not a word, I dont care) I thought I saw a shooting star, but in no way was it one.. it was bigger than a star, way bigger and it eventually burnt out in the sky,, it was the coolest shit Ive seen in a while..so I decided to wish upon a meteor

beddy bye time..

From: shawnafucking
2006-06-03 02:27 am (UTC)
I live in Carthage and am distanced.
But some people aren't worth my time anymore.
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